February 2014 Newsletter

Well, it's been an interesting February so far!  I hope you all enjoyed the snow day this week.  I am just hoping that this will be our only big blizzard of the year so that there won't be any difficulty in bringing our guest speaker to campus for the University Conference.  Read below for details on upcoming events from the Academic Professional Development Center (APDC) and Learning Technologies Team. 

--Dana Vazzana (apd@truman.edu)

On Wednesday, February 19 from 9:30-10:30 a.m. in the SUB Alumni Room, we will be having a brunch discussion over the article "Teaching Mistakes from the College Classroom" from Faculty Focus.  This is a collection of essays by various professors, and can be downloaded for free from the Faculty Focus website: Teaching Mistakes article.  You will need to sign in to the site for free access.  If you have any difficulty doing this, please let me know at apd@truman.edu and I will send you a copy.  We will be ordering breakfast sandwiches for the discussion, so please RSVP here: RSVP link by Monday, February 17 at noon if you plan to attend.

On Wednesday, February 19th at 12:30 (PML103), the Learning Technologies Team will host a workshop on Improving Analytical and Discussion Skills with Group Work. This session will include discussion regarding specific strategies that can be implemented for combining technology, group work, and discussion to increase student participation and foster improved learning. Participants will learn hands-on how to use the Blackboard Discussion Board tool to increase the quality of student participation and to facilitate peer interaction.

At this year's University Conference on Thursday, February 27, we will be welcoming Dr. Stewart Ross to campus.  More information about Dr. Ross can be found here: Dr. Stewart Ross . Dr. Ross will be presenting this year's Baldwin Lecture as the luncheon keynote address: The Joy and Responsibility of Teaching Well.  This will be followed by an afternoon workshop on course design:

When is the last time you experienced real joy in your teaching?  What were the circumstances that led to this joy?  What are the responsibilities of teaching well that might lead to more opportunities to experience joy in our teaching?  These questions and others will be explored in a keynote at Truman State University to be followed by a three hour workshop on integrated course design.  The keynote not only works through these important questions for faculty but provides a foundation for why integrated course design is necessary if we want our students to be able to do more than pass tests on information and content of courses.  Looking at student outcomes using a significant learning taxonomy can make all the difference in our teaching and student learning.  Come and learn more about a powerful way of designing and redesigning courses in higher education and the responsibilities we have in this endeavor.

While the luncheon keynote requires no preparation and is open to all faculty and staff, faculty who plan to attend the afternoon workshop are encouraged to download and read the self-directed guide prior to the workshop.  The afternoon workshop will take place from 1:30-4:45 p.m., but faculty are encouraged to attend the workshop even if they are unable to stay for the entire session.  Registration information for the luncheon and the workshop will be available soon through the Provost's office.  We look forward to welcoming Dr. Ross to campus!

On Wednesday, March 5th at 12:30 (PML103), the Learning Technologies Team will share a presentation on Captivating Your Audience with Cost-Effective Lecture Capture and Screencasting Tools.  Creating successful screencasts requires knowledge of the whole screencasting workflow, from planning, through production, to delivery.  This is a hands-on session, which will offer plenty of practical exercises and resources.  If you want to know how to capture a voice-over narration, enhance your screen and highlight important elements, this workshop is for you!